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Spring into action with the latest flooring trends.











Snowdrops and daffodils are popping up everywhere, reminding us that Spring is on its way. It’s that glorious time of year when colours outside change from gloomy grey to bright and cheerful and it’s the perfect time of year to take inspiration from the season and celebrate colour at home.

Colour trends for 2017 are looking optimistically brighter than the sedate greys dominating 2016 and this is optimistic news for the flooring industry. We are seeing an explosion of experimental colours and iconic patterns, which are sure to bring us out of our comfort zones and tempt us to try something new and daring.

Alternative Flooring have set the pace this year by teaming up with Liberty Fabrics and creating four stunning designs in a contemporary mix of bright colours based on original designs by William Morris. The new range is a fabulous blend of old and new and introduces a burst of pattern and colour to 2017 flooring trends. We particularly like Flowers of Thorpe, Summer Garden.

If you have a passion for colour and pattern, you might also like Quirky B Geo range, which comes in a modern geometric pattern in vibrant red, damson and soft duck egg blue.

When it comes to stair runners Roger Oates have a vast array of pretty Spring and Summer inspired colours to choose from. Kyoto Blossom and Kobe Blossom as their names suggest are inspired by cherry blossoms and come in bright pastel non-symmetrical stripes to make a beautiful interior statement. These 100% wool, flat-weave carpets are ideal for narrower stairs and can be used as an area carpet too. We also love the Whitman Bright Rose flatweave design, which is a traditional and smart design with a contemporary twist. Inspired by folk embroidery, the stylish herringbone pattern creates detail and texture using a chic edited palette. The ‘Bright Rose’ colour way offers an irresistibly pretty splash of colour to any interior décor.

“Shimmer” by Crucial Trading also remind


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The beauty of wood flooring

With the launch of our new wood-flooring showroom in January’s blog we are looking at the benefits and timeless appeal of a natural wood floor. Apart from the fact that a wooden floor will last for decades nothing gives a space that warm, comfortable feeling underfoot quite like a beautiful wood floor.

Whether you are looking to refurbish existing boards or install a brand new floor we have all types of wood flooring covered here at Deca Flooring.

Lighter, blonde shades of wood flooring have been on trend for the past few years. In 2017, however we will see the return of deep, rich and dark wood tones. The richer, brown and tan shades of walnut and oak flooring will re-emerge in interior design to bring quality, warmth and style to our homes.

Natural materials in general will be very popular this year with an emphasis on bringing the natural beauty of the outdoors inside. As well as hardwood floors, sisal, coir, rattan, cork, handcrafted objects, terracotta and houseplants will also be on trend for 2017. Cool greys and pastel shades are slowly losing their appeal and this year we will be opting for ‘old-school’ rustic materials and rich, natural shades to add character and warmth. With so many of us immersed in technology during the working day people are looking to bring the appeal of nature in to their homes to bring a sense of balance and well being to their homes.

Choosing a wood floor however can be daunting. With such a wide array of choices available it is a good idea to seek the advice of a professional to help narrow your choices. Here at Deca our wood samples our displayed on the walls of our relaxing showroom so you can see at a glance the choices available. We can talk through the options and type of wood floor you should choose depending on your preferences, needs and interior space.

There are three main styles of solid wood floors including tongue and grooved, square edged and parquet flooring. All of these types are available in different lengths, widths and grades. Strip flooring normally comes in narrower widths whereas plank flooring tends to be wider. It is imperative that you consider the size of the room and how the widths and length will affect the overall look and feel of your space. For example, narrow planks in a small space can make a room look busy and larger planks will push out the walls to give the illusion of a bigger room. At Deca Design we advise on the right size boards to achieve the best affect for your specific space.

When it comes to choosing timbers for a solid wood flooring there are also a wide range of choices.

Oak is a very popular wood and is extremely hard wearing offering a rich, opulent look to any decor. Oak is a solid investment and like a good quality red wine improves with age, getting better and richer in colour as each year passes. A solid oak floor that’s been looked after well will retain its beauty for centuries.

You can also define the look for your floor by choosing between the vast array of oak ‘grades’. To achieve a rustic look with character you can opt for a grade with lots of grain patterns and knots, whereas a ‘prime’ grade offers a cleaner, smooth, contemporary look. Oak also takes very well to staining and colours, which range from limed white to very dark shades to create either a modern or antique appearance.

Other popular wood choices include Bamboo, Cherry, Ash, Walnut, Maple, Beech and Pine. Maple and Beech are perfect for a light, modern décor and pine is a popular choice because of its warm colour, depth and beauty. For a real wow factor both Elm and Walnut are stunning with a unique grain however these options tend to be more expensive and Bamboo is durable and ecologically friendly.

The type of wood floor you choose will ultimately depend on your lifestyle, individual space and existing interior design. Here at Deca Flooring we will help you consider all the factors and choices available to ensure you choose a beautiful floor that’s right for you and will become an adored part of your house for years to come.

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Monochrome Magic











Sometimes keeping it simple creates the most impact when it comes to interior décor and although decorating in monochrome is undoubtedly a brave choice, the colours black and white if used in moderation can look timeless, classic and simply stunning.

While browsing Pinterest for inspiration I discovered a vast range of beautiful monochrome interior accessories and carpet designs to help you achieve a cool, monochrome look with character and style. Interestingly, I have found that monochrome doesn’t necessarily mean modern and cold. This typically androgynous and cool colour palette when paired with refined hues, rustic materials and natural textures can create a warm, yet stylish aesthetic. To add warmth to a monochrome look you can introduce the natural elements of exposed brick, wood, rattan and sheepskin. For inspiration you can view our “Monochrome Magic” Pinterest board.

The simplicity of monochrome allows the form and design of individual pieces of furniture to stand alone as a feature in a room. The black sideboard from Swoon Editions for example is such a fantastic piece of furniture. It has a vintage inspiration with a modern twist, creating a feature that is hard to take your eyes off. The black wood contrasted against lighter surroundings is perfect for a contemporary feature in a lounge or dining room.

When it comes to flooring, there is a vast range of monochrome products to choose from. Hartley & Tissier offer a wide variety of styles and textures, in black and white, to create a chic, monochrome interior. Their designs are both statement and timeless, whist adding texture and warmth to an interior space. The Jacquard Flatweave Collection with its intricate patterns brings a new dimension to both formal and informal spaces. Woven in pure new wool, it can be used for stair and corridor runners, made into rugs and fully fitted carpets.

The Winston Collection by Hartley & Tissier is an Axminster woven pile carpet and in black and white adds a pop of colour and creates instant impact with black and white rooms. It’s 80% wool, 20% nylon mix gives it a lovely texture and can be adapted for both rugs and runners.

We also particularly like the striped flat-weave range in monochrome colours. You can choose from broad dramatic stripes or more subtle pinstripes. This traditional and very hardwearing flooring product is made from pure new wool and can be used on stairs, in corridors or can be invisibly joined to form rugs or wall-to-wall carpets.

If you want to create a trendy and individual look we also stock the very aptly named Quirky B collection by Alternative Flooring. Quirky by name and quirky by nature they offer a creative range of designs including polka dots in monochrome and Quirky Skinny with its faux animal skin and graphically witty designs. The Quirky B range has a very British eccentric and decadent feel and is perfect for creating an individual style statement. Alternative Flooring’s designs can be fitted as a carpet or cut and bound for rugs and runners. A wide selection of borders are available for you to create your own unique style. Alternative Flooring products are also ethically and sustainably sourced and provide a breath of fresh air for the flooring industry and interior design projects.

For a high-end, luxurious look and feel the Venetian flatweave by Roger Oates creates an exceptionally striking look. The jet-black herringbone structure is shot through with a gold metallic thread and when seamed together makes an exceptionally, stunning black metallic rug. Made from 85% wool and 15% polyester this product really does offer the wow factor.

For more information on our fabulous range of black and white flooring products please feel free to visit our showroom on Prestbury Road, Cheltenham.



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